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Preparing Your Quilt

The following are some things you need to know in preparing your quilt. 

If you have any questions, please ask!

Digital Quilting Patterns

  • There are many patterns in my library to choose from. 

  • Once I see your quilt, we can discuss the pattern possibilities, sizing, thread, etc.   

  • If you find a pattern online that I don’t own, I may be able to purchase it at an additional cost. 



  • All seams (backing and quilt top) should be strong, free of loose or missed stitching and pressed as flat as possible.

  • Outside stitch lines around your quilt should be backstitched so they do not stretch apart while on the frame.

  • Trim threads, especially on the front. Back threads should be minimal as they can show through if the quilt top is white or pastel.


How to Prevent Wonky Borders

  • Side borders – measure both sides and down the middle of the quilt top – take the average of those measurements to cut your edge borders – fit your quilt sides to within that length of border piece.

  • Top and bottom borders – measure top, bottom and across the middle of the quilt top – take the average measurement and cut your border pieces - fit your quilt top and bottom edges to within the border strips.



  • As a service to you, I have Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 unbleached  batting 120” wide and 80/20 bleached 108" wide available.   

  • You can also supply your own batting. The batting needs to be 6 inches larger than the quilt top in length and width.    


Quilt Top and Backing

  • Please mark clearly the top edge of your quilt top and backing.

  • If backing is a whole piece, it should be prewashed to minimize shrinkage. Your backing must be 10 inches larger than your quilt top in length and width so that it is able to go on the machine. For example, the backing for a 60” X 76” quilt top would need to be a minimum of 70” X 86”. 

  • If you need to piece your backing, it is a good idea to do the piecing off centre in the body of the back rather than on the outer edges.  There is no guarantee when a quilt is long-armed that the outer borders on the back will come out equally sized all around the quilt. 

  • Quilt top and backing should be squared up, pressed and each put on a hanger to minimize creasing. 

  • Fleece or minky backing fabric work as well.



  • Attaching the binding is available for an additional cost. 

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