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A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Sue. I am somewhat “camera shy” so you won't find many pictures of me on social media. I trust my service and work will speak for itself.

My first quilt was a hand appliqued, hand quilted baby quilt that was used for our two children in later years. Many quilts followed, all hand quilted, as I didn't know anything about machine quilting. Once the children arrived that hobby subsided while others were picked up. 

Years later, my daughter and I attended Creative Festival in Toronto. What a feast that was!!!! As we walked around in awe, I spotted a booth with a quilt on display that had a fleece backing.  Never seeing that before, I dropped a few dollars that day and that was the beginning of renewing my passion for quilting.

About 15 years ago, my interest in a longarm machine was piqued after I watched a promotional video. Space, time and money were deterrents so I passed the video on to a friend who was interested in pursuing a home business and off she ran with it... and I became one of her customers. 


In the meantime, my love for quilting grew along with my fabric stash. Fabric stores are to me what candy shops are to others. What is my favourite colour, pattern, style? I love pretty much all of it. 

We often vacation in Florida in the winter and my domestic machine goes with me. Last winter I put some charity quilt tops together for my guild and had a coffee themed quilt top completed.  At the suggestion of my husband, I checked out rental time on a longarm at the local shop. Boy is he sorry now!!! I was smitten!

Upon returning home I began to research longarm quilting machines. I ended up ordering a 12-foot Handi Quilter Forte machine with Pro Stitcher. I have almost completed quilting my stash of quilt tops and now I am prepared to sew yours. Feel free to give me a call or send a message if you are interested.



Inspiration behind Upper Room Stitching

Many names were bounced around for my business but none seemed to fit. My grandson asked, “Where are you putting this huge machine?” The response from another member of the family was, “In their upper room of course,” and thus the name!

This name not only describes the location of my studio over our garage, but also reminds me of the Upper Room where Jesus hosted the Last Supper with his 12 disciples before going to the Cross for our sins. I give honour and thanksgiving to Him in allowing me this opportunity to be of service to people who have used their creative gifts. 

So, that is my story. Now you can become part of my journey as I offer my quilting services to you. At this time, I am offering edge-to-edge and custom quilting. 

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